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Bouchard On 760 Wjr Radio In Detroit In A Couple Minutes

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That should be interesting. He'll be lying through his teeth we know, blaming someone else, making himself look good, don't expect anything but bullcrap from him, but it'll be interesting to hear what he says. I don't have the stomach to listen, though I'll prob'ly read about it eventually, when I feel strong enough to deal with it. People like him must be stopped NOW. Our so called justice system is too slow, he and his goons know it, they all know it. It's total abuse of authority and disregard for human rights. There's no common sense, no soul, no heart, no conscience. How sad that too many people like him are in positions of power, they serve and protect alright, serve and protect THEMSELVES. :(



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Don't expect any real tough hard hitting questions from our media. I would love to do an interview with Bouchard or any of these other county's rogue regime titular heads. No way would they debate Blueberry or Dutch or any one of us.

How do you get power over people's lives like these thugs have done?

How do we create people who hate individual human rights?

Why do we put these stateists in charge time after time?

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