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Not usually my style, but oh my god! I like the part about it being enough for 1 gram for every 5 Canadians!




The Mounties have seized a container packed with enough hashish to intoxicate the entire country.


Police in Montreal discovered seven tonnes of hashish — or about seven million grams.


The dark, laptop-sized hash bricks were discovered in an abandoned trailer Sunday in the city's west end.


“It's a big one,” RCMP spokesman Corporal Luc Thibault said of the seizure Wednesday.


“There's a lot of money involved in that — especially the street value. That's for sure.”


Police have not made any arrests, but say they are investigating and hope to get leads from the public.


Officers found the slabs of hash shrouded in denim clothing and stuffed into cardboard boxes. The entire trailer was crammed with the drug.


“It's black and compact, like Plasticine,” he said of the hash blocks, which police also refer to as cannabis resin.


Cpl. Thibault indicated that this was one of the biggest hashish seizures his detachment can remember.


The Canadian population is around 33 million, which means the trailer contained over a gram of hash for every five people in the country.


Police received a call about the mysterious trucking container, which had been sitting in a suburban storage lot for several days.


“There was something suspicious so we obtained a [search] warrant,” he said.


Cpl. Thibault did not want to speculate on the potential street value of the load because he said it varies across the country. He also said it depends on quality of the hash, which has not been determined.


A 2007 RCMP report on the drug situation in Canada pegged the average street price of hash at $10 a gram — at that rate, this seizure would be worth $70-million.


In all of 2007, the report said the Mounties seized just 227 kilograms of hashish.


The RCMP report indicated the demand for hash is concentrated in Quebec and Ontario, primarily in Montreal and Toronto.


Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India and Jamaica are some of the world's biggest hash producers, the RCMP says.


The Mounties' website says the effects of smoking or ingesting hashish are similar to marijuana, but often more intense.

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Wow! What a story! Thanks for sharing. Wouldn't that be something if leo someday got a taste of their own medicine and were the recipient of a huge smash and grab at one of their storage facilities of all this stored meds. :sword:

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'Dudley Doright' to the rescue.


Always loved those pretty red uniforms.


It looks like the 'political-law enforcement-money machine' is working well for our neighbor to the north... almost as well as it is here.


Glad to see they are keeping Canada safe.


I'm sure it warms their hearts on those long, cold northern nights.

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"Canada pegged the average street price of hash at $10 a gram "





Thats some cheap hash ! I think they could easily double that figure ...lol

Pick a HIGH TIMES Glaucoombag and you will see the Canadian prices are cheaper. The supply demand is out of wack in Canada. Thats why they can afford to reduce their prices and ship it across the states and still make bank.


When our demand reaches a climax the prices will also drop. But we have about a 2-4 year window before all these amatuers in this state figure out how to crop out properly.

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