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Best Way To Empty Bubblebucket?


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depends what you have going there :)


i like to have one extra empty one setting aside. especially when it comes to the 10gal totes. lift the lid 8 inches, slide the full one out.... slide the clean empty one under...... fill and smile.


dont have the space??


link them together into a system (see my tutorials) and use a small $10 water pump to empty all 40-60-80-100 gallons or whatever you have all at the same time:

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the one(and prolly only) time i have to disagree with the BG...lol


That tape is not nearly as easy as covering a bucket with a bag (some use the bags as liners too)


I use that tape i mass quanities, but would pull my hair out at the thought of wrapping 12 buckets in it...lol


:) never a problem in disagreeing with me..... im not god :)


black bags attract heat... aluminum tape reflects it.


wal-mart has black buckets all day every day and twice on sundays :) never a shortage of black buckets :)


but..... on the bag thing............ trash bags inside the buckets are not good. they promote heat and can/will leech crap into the water. they promote mold. by the time you find inexpensive, non-toxic bags you could have spent that time aluminum taping them :)


and if you were to wrap the bag around the outside of the bucket.... how are you going to cover the lid? thats the most important part. tie the bag around the plant stem? then how do you water??


just use the aluminum tape :) trust me. less hassle all the way around..... its a one time thing and it lasts forever. take the time to do it right. and much less heat as well :) that tape is like 4" wide. its like 3 quick strips around the bucket :) looks nicer, wont wrinkle or bind up during moving if you need to....... yeah..... :)

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