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College Football

College Football!  

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  1. 1. Whose your team?

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Its that time of year again the tailgates the drunk college girls but most importantly the RIVALRY. So whose your team, MSU or U of M?


I was born and raised on U of M football, my family even has season tickets. Denard Robinson is gonna take us all the way this year baby!


So whose your team?

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not directed at you mary


in all seriousness, before this become the OSU vs MI hate thread.............................................................


true fans of either team have the utmost respect for each others team. maybe not the utmost respect for the other teams fans on game day..... but ya know what i mean :)


lets not let this get out of hand.


i hate the wolverines. if i could drive to ohio for gas every week i would. but that doesnt mean i have anything personal against wolverine fans. besides the smell :)

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Guest Marywanna

Yes BG all will be in fun. This is one rivalry that never goes away! When I was a pt at Cleveland Clinic I wore my Michigan T-shirts everyday,lol. And being a Buckeye,I guess you better watch yer nuts.................... :P

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Since this place is usually about the facts... here are a few to keep in mind...


The Michigan football program ranks first in NCAA history in both total wins (878) and winning percentage (.737). The team won the first Rose Bowl game in 1902. U-M had 40 consecutive winning seasons from 1968 to 2007, including consecutive bowl game appearances from 1975 to 2007. The Wolverines have won a record 42 Big Ten championships, including five in the past decade. The Wolverines have all-time winning records against Michigan State University, University of Notre Dame, and Ohio State University.


I would say that having a couple of off years recently, should not be seen as anything but a blip on the map of DOMINANCE of the BIG TEN and NCAA. Besides, we are still in mourning of Big Bo Schembechler... ;)

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