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Just found the forum today after doing some research and wanted to say hi. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis which causes me great back pain, fatigue, and neck pain. MS has also given me optic neuritis which gives me pain in my left eye. On top of that I have a degenerative disc and two herniated discs - all this at a lucky 35 years old. I am lucky to be married to my beautiful wife and have two great kids with a third on the way. I currently reside in Virginia which has no pain compassion but I just recently received a job offer which will allow us to move to Michigan. We plan on keeping our home in VA and renting it out to some of our family while gone and just renting for the year we plan to be in Michigan. We plan on keeping the home in VA as main home for tax reasons but that is what brings up my concern. I did some searching but couldnt find a clear definitive answer. I would like to keep my VA drivers license but I need to see if I am able to procure a Michigan ID.


Does anyone know if I can have and keep an out of state drivers license and get a Michigan state ID? I will have the required documents indicated here: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/sos/Applying_for_lic_or_ID_SOS_428_222146_7.pdf . I have SS card, valid passport, Out-of-state driver’s license and Marriage license issued in the U.S., and will have utility bill and bank statement with Michigan address.

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