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Denied For Wrong Name On Check?

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Hey all,


So I just went and got legal... or at least started the process yesterday. I did everything correct, filled out all the paperwork - or so I thought. I do have a checking account but I didn't have any checks so I got a cashiers check instead. I filled in the wrong name for the check. When I was at the bank they asked me the name and typed in Michigan Department of Health. I wrote in next to that the correct name and initialed next to it. Am I going to be denied because that is technically incorrectly written? I did everything else right! I am so nervous and have a feeling the next 21 days are gonna be very anxiety ridden. Help, does anyone know if I am going to have to do this all over again!?!?



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Well one of two things will happen:


1) You'll be denied but not contacted for a few months.


2) You'll be approved and not contacted for a few months.


The way the law is set up, if you have a legitimate claim and copies of your submitted paperwork, you are considered to be approved after the 21 day waiting period. Until they contact you with a notice of denial of a card, you should be considered approved as a patient of your CG (or yourself). If you are contacted with a denial, upon receipt your paperwork used in lieu of a card would be void.


You should resubmit your paperwork with whatever corrections are needed right away. To be legitimate, the new paperwork will serve as your temporary card after a new 21 day period has passed. To my knowledge, the police cannot immediately verify the go/no-go status of your paperwork, so in the off chance that you were to be confronted with a need to show your submission, I think any officer or dispensary would accept your previous paperwork as proof enough.

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