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Colbert Report Debate On Prop 19

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Prop 19 debate


This debate featured CASA Chairman and Founder Joseph A. Califano, Jr. on the NO side and Gary Johnson on the YES side.


Talk about intellectually dishonest debate techniques Califano made the argument that legalization is needed to keep children off of "drugs." To show how dishonest this is his own foundation the Center for Alcohol and Substance Abuse did a study that shows that teens can more easily obtain cannabis than beer. study link So he knew that evidence exist that teens would be less likely to be able to access cannabis if it were legal but sill presented an argument that was not only unsupported by evidence but his own foundation had evidence to the contrary.


Can you say liar liar pants on fire?


BTW I'm not a Republican (if you don't know this you just have not been paying attention) however Gary is a guy I could get behind in 2012.

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WOW, Colbert really can throw around many ideas during these interviews... I felt a little down that it wasn't covered in greater detail.




Around 3 minutes 40 seconds is where the spin and nearly constant stuttering begins.



short clip from yootoob


I love Colbert and how he brought some positive light to the subject, I felt he sensationalized it too much as another "party favor"

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