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Branch County Caregiver Busted

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Friday morning, October 8th at 10AM a Branch County caregiver was busted on manufacturing with intent to distribute charge. The cops sat he had numerous plants and was over the limit. He wasn't, he was in total compliance with the number of patients and plants and quantity. What was factored by the police was an illegal grow abutting the caregivers property. Suspicion is on a neighbor who took advantage of the fact the care giver had a grow op going for his patients and drew attention which resulted in this bust. They took everything, money, property etc and was told he would not be arrested, they just wanted to shut him down, no medical records or patients cards were removed. He is now in the process of fighting this to get his possessions and money back. No arrest has been made, is this the new tactic, bust in, take everything and then not make an arrest. Just to shut him down, that was the whole idea behind this harassment bust.And that is all it was. The interesting side to this is he made the cops wait off his property until they obtained a warrant. Made them wait 6 hours until the warrant arrived and they entered his property. He stood up to them and intends on fighting this all the way.

This is happening frequently and is the second such bust I have heard off in this county.

Anyone one from Branch County reading this please contact me. We are reorganizing down here and need you to help us keep this terror out of our community so join us in this fight to stop this type of injustice and others sure to come.

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Will do Joe. Been out this evening talking to other caregivers in the area. Haven't seen anything in the newspaper yet and from the sounds of it leo did not want to make it public. More as I get it--Bob


Bob, Keep us informed and let the MMMA know what Branch County wants us to do. We've taken on the county/city numerous times. Please get all the details you can and email me thanks, Joe

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