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Harvest Early? Heck Yes!

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it seems i am running more and more into the question about strains and what they can/cannot do. well this is an MMJ site :)


what is not covered around here is early harvest.




no joke.


growers take pride in what they do. as well they should. but sometimes their pride gets in the way of their medicine.


a proper amber/cloudy ratio doesnt mean shyt to a patient.


try harvesting your heavy indica plant a week early.


its not always about getting the "biggest bang" out of our meds. its about meeting patient needs.


anxiety is a MAJOR issue in our community and the one issue that i get asked about most often. potent meds create anxiety. 90% of the time that is true.


there is no shame in toning it down when needed. see what that heavy indica plant that you all love to grow, because its quick and short, does a week or two early. if its a good strain to begin with, the effects may take you in a totally different direction.


just some food for thought.


harvest time is JUST AS IMPORTANT as strain


25% cloudy is a good start.

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I always try to remind people that the plant still matures a bit after it has been cut down (during drying and curing) so if you start with a perfect (not in my book) 50/50 amber to cloudy tric mix, it will not be that way after you dry it....thats why certain master growers tend to be secretive about when they harvest, as BG ^^^said harvest time is just as important as strain!!!!

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Dang you BG. I just came upstairs after talking myself out of taking one a wk early (I need the room) to find this.


Your right of course, You never know what will work best until you try.


Clear to cloudy works good for me when fatigue is an issue.... cloudy to amber when I can't rest.


Anxiety seems to be strain related with me. the chem's being the worst. But I can see how potency is probably the culprit & it's probably different for each of us.


Experimentation is the key.... Deja vu...... Isn't that what we said in the 60 - 70's, I mean they said............lol......

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