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Break In At A Narcotic Clinic In Troy

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ok.. it could be possible there were no patient records on those laptops..

They may have only been used for making appointments.. (holy crap, 24 laptops to make appointments? How big is this place, lol)

Even if only used for making appointments... pretty much every time the information will be at least patient name, reason for appointment, which practitioner the appointment is with, and their phone number- usually used for making confirmation calls or missed appointment calls. Oh, and time and length of appointment. With the way a lot of appointment programs run, several months worth of appointments would be there, so a patient's history can be tracked merely by looking at appointments.

Still way too much patient info that could be had.


I find it a little difficult to believe that nothing but patient names were on those laptops. Even if all the laptops were just used as teaching tools for patients.. If the name needed to be on there, it was possibly to log that a patient did go through that learning exercise.. And in that way make a traceable log of conditions.

I also find it interesting that there is no mention in the article of a medical records room, even in the reassurance that no patient files were taken because the room was found to be intact.

I pretty much flat out disbelieve that the tower mentioned in the article did not have more information on it than patient names either.


And no... I pretty much think that there will be no outcry about this from the officials... Maybe a follow up article about retrieving the stolen items, maybe a blip in the legal section in the paper announcing the trial if the people who did it get caught.

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Crime can occur at any type of business. The Three Stooges or the Axis of Evil as I like to call them are using the scare tactic that medical marijuana=crime. Getting misinformation into the hands of the citizens is their game here. That and of course trying to scare the public into thinking that all our children are going to be psychotics from inhaling second hand marijuana smoke.


Obviously we know that the bs that they are slinging around is very untrue. It's the same tactic that was used in the 1930's with movies like Reefer Madness. I'm sure it's probably the same tactic that was used to make alcohol illegal.


The Axis of Evil will never be satisfied that we are allowed to choose the medication that we and our doctors feel is appropriate for us. Even if tomorrow the law was made more restrictive these people would still be fighting us on this.


I'm willing to bet that Sheriff Rocoe Douchard will have no problem with investigating this incident that happened at the pain clinic. After all I'm sure many of his employees have gone to pain clinic at one time or another. Given the injuries that occur to LEO I'm also willing to bet he has a few deputies that are taking narcotics.

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