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Transplant Question


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OK, Heres my issue. I bought a purple kush clone about 3 months ago. When I got it, the stem was woody but small. Prob about an inch. I planted it in a 50/50 mix of ffof and happy frog. It was under 2 t-8 florescent 4' lights and 1 150 watt cfl. The plant started to grow after about a month but it has always been a slow grower. Probably about a month and a half I decided to transplant the clone into a larger pot b/c the roots were starting to grow out of the bottom of the pot. Right after I transplanted the plant I decided to make a insect soup and it slipped my mind to raise my lights and I burned the hell out of my plants. After I burned the plants I did a super trim and got rid of all the burnt spots.


Its been about another month or so and the plant isn't really growing all that fast. Its getting nice and bushy but I'm not getting alot of upward growth and its still super slow. This plant has so many leaves that I couldn't see the stem hardly at all. I've been cutting the large fan leaves off and LST training it to make it grow some what "normal" and that seems to be helping but its only grown like 3 to 3.5" in the 3 months that I've had it. I'm thinking I shocked the plant and stunted the growth. I haven't seen any roots out of the bottom yet and its really drinking/feeding very slow.


Should I transplant this plant into a smaller pot and let it root ball again or should I let the soil dry out really well and make the plant search for more water and in turn grow its roots?


Sorry for all the info and thanks for any advice in advance.

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