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Fight Crime - Stop Bil Schutte

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From the darkness, I walk into the light

From the day, I walk into the night

From the shadows, I will appear

With a message, for all who will hear


For the weak of heart, I will be strong

To the defenders of faith, I will belong

To the last of us, fight till we die

Till the keys, of the kingdom, are mine


All stand together

For the world to see

Now the time is right

To live out all our dreams

Say the words forever

Your strength will never leave

If you want to win the fight

Say, "I Believe"

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If you had any other doubts about who this guy is... here is one of his latest and greatest endorsements.


Posted on October 14th 2010 by Schuette Campaign


Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard today announced his endorsement of Bill Schuette for Attorney General.


“The first task of government is safety,” Bouchard said. “Unfortunately, state government is broken, and too often it is failing to make the hard choices to ensure that public safety is the top priority. Michigan families need a new team that will make fundamental changes to ensure their safety. I’ve worked with Bill Schuette, and I know he is the right person to be Michigan’s next Attorney General.”

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