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Strain Questions For Pain/insomnia - Weird Results?


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Hi Guys,


I just started medicating and tried two strains this weekend. One was LA Confidential and the other was Rocket or something, it was unlabeled when I got home, but it was supposed to be a sativa or sativa/indica hybrid for daytime use.


My question has to do with pain levels, and I know this might be a hard question to answer, but I had some different results from what I expected.


When I smoked the LA, I became very aware of my pain. It was almost as if either pain was being released (I have severe muscle spasms/muscle lock) or that it was becoming intensified. I also still could not go to sleep for almost 2 hours when I finally did try. I was able to do things (dishes got done for one thing) but the pain was noticeable.


Lately my pain has been pretty bad to the point that the muscles around my rib cage are sore and it hurts to breathe because of that.


So I'm just curious as to what people's opinions on this might be and if you had experienced this. The medicine did not cause me to cough at all and was very sticky/resinous.


The Sativa/Rocket strain didn't seem any different to me from the LA. They both seemed to have the same effect.


I've always thought of myself as a lightweight, but was able to consume a bowl each time.


The other information that might be helpful is that I hadn't taken pain medicines for almost 5 years due to the awful side effects but started Savella this summer, which totally tore my insides up. I quit in September and have had more pain since then. The rationalization I've come to is that I've just been tolerating the pain for so long I don't even know what relief feels like.






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As a long time pain sufferer, I can tell you that this will happen with certain strains. I had a hell of a problem before I got a hold of some good heavy duty pain busting meds from a dispensary. I should also say that I hate stuff that makes me cough my guts out because my spine is so hosed, everytime I cough it hurts. A good cure on fine meds will expand in your lungs, but if you take moderate inhalations, you won't cough your lungs out. If at all possible, get a half oz of good meds of a strain that works ok with your pain, and make canna butter from it. Food made with this helps me for longer, and keeps my head clearer. Oil is another good option for pain.


While Simpson oil can be expensive because it takes so much Mm to make a few grams. But, it's worth it if you can grow your own and make your own oil. It lasts me anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on how much I use. I simply apply it on my tongue and swallow it down with my favorite green tea beverage. Here's the kicker with oil, if you use a high stavia blend strain to make it, the effects will run along the same lines as if you inhaled vapor from it. Use an oil made with a high indica or pure indica strain and see what that does for you. It may take some tweaking because no two people are the same, but it is my hope to get you in the ballpark.


It took a lot of research with strains on my part and a bit of experimenting with the strains I thought might work best. If you haven't tried AK47 for pain, I highly recommend. There are some great meds for pain, it will just take time to find one that works well for you. Sour Diesel is also supposed to be great for pain. While I haven't had the opportunity to try Sour Diesel, I have tried, and successfully grown out some New York City Diesel crossed with G13 and that knocks my pain down a few levels. It never goes away, but when my lower half feels like I'm pinned between two giant pieces of concrete, I medicate with that and it feels numb more akin to a heavy person sitting on them rather than being crushed. I wish you nothing but the best and will help out anyway I can. Pain is like that friend that shows up at the worst possible time and never knows when it's time to leave.

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Thanks Nemosity! I will check out the different stains and the oil/canna butter. I am vegan but there's a good vegan butter I like (Earth Balance, at Meijer and Kroger if anyone is interested..) that I could try it with.


I had no luck with a tincture I tried. Someone else swore by it, I had some and it was zip nadda!


I definitely like the idea of a having a clearer head...that's the downside for me smoking MM. It's pain relief I'm after, not necessarily the foggy head stuff. I can work past that but it would be better if I didn't have to.


I got to the chiropractor today and that helped my neck, but the pain has been so intense that I'm a few steps away from kissing the porcelain bowl, no fun!!


Pain showed up 9 years ago and haven't left yet, that's no friend, that's freaking squatter LOL


Thanks again!

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