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Medical Marijuana On Tv Court Show

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There was a case on television this morning regarding medical marihuana in Oregon. This was on Judge Pirro. The plaintiff is a caregiver. He stated that by law, he can only receive reimbursements for cost (electricity & supplies).


The plaintiff had loaned the defendant $2500. Defendant stated that the plaintiff said that if he was listed as caregiver for a year, he would wipe out the debt. When asked by the judge why a person would grow for just reimbursement, the defendant stated that the plaintiff had friends, and could make the $2500 in a month (flippig on the streets).


The patient stated that for three months she never received any product. The CG stated that he had mites and was unable to supply the patient. The judge did throw in that the agreement was to forgive a debt, not to receive a product.


Judge said she seen the case as an abuse of the system. She believed that the CG did promise the wipe the debt as stated, but since the defendant was unable to prove the arrangement, the plaintiff won the case.

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Unfortunately, I have had a lot of time recently to watch almost every judge show on TV. I have seen MM on each and everyone many times - even Judge Judy.

They all hold a favorable view of MM - especially Judge Mathis, vocal supporter of MM. Judge Joe Brown has asked his audience (poll question) a few times about legalization, just this week the question was "Should marijuana be legal and should anyone be allowed to grow it?" - 71% came back and said yes.

You can view the poll at his web site.

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