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Medical Pot Entrepreneur Christ Charged With Felony Intimidation


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Medical pot entrepreneur Christ charged with felony intimidation

StoryDiscussionMedical pot entrepreneur Christ charged with felony intimidation

By GWEN FLORIO of the Missoulian missoulian.com | Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2010 1:45 pm | (12) Comments


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Jason Christ, perhaps Montana's most notorious medical marijuana entrepreneur, has been charged with felony intimidation in connection with an August incident involving an alleged bomb threat at the Verizon store on South Reserve Street.


On Aug. 18, store employees called police to say that Christ had threatened to bomb the store if he didn't get to speak with a manager.


Police went to the store and interviewed a manager who was "visibly shaken" by the incident, and also looked at notes taken by the employee who received Christ's call, according to an affidavit in the case.


Christ runs the Montana Caregivers Network whose traveling "cannabis caravans" became infamous for providing doctor recommendations for medical marijuana to hundreds of patients within a few hours.


Shortly after police left, Christ allegedly called the store again - but this time, the conversation was recorded. Christ's first audible words, according to the transcript, were:


"Are you white, black, Hispanic, or what, so I can know ta call you racial slurs."


After a brief back-and-forth as to whether the employee's ethnicity mattered, Christ complained that he'd bought four phones for his company and spent more than $3,000 getting service, which he'd tried to cancel twice in the previous two days because he was dissatisfied - or, as he put it - "because I (expletive) hate this service."


Twice during the conversation, Christ said he was disabled - he has said in the past he uses copious amounts of medical marijuana to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids and Crohn's disease - but he also threatened to "kick the (expletive) out of your store and break things and knock over computers and knock over stands."


He ended that particular rant with "(expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you, you piece of (expletive)."


One store employee told police that Christ was a "problem customer" and the manager "described several earlier incidents with (Christ), in which he was profane and difficult."


And, she said, "He's always been agitated but today he was threatening. There was a difference."


She told police she was worried Christ would come to the store with a gun or bomb. She and another store employee obtained protection orders naming Christ, and police got a warrant for Christ's phone records.


Christ called police a week later and told them he'd been in Great Falls when the call was made, suggesting that someone else had "spoofed" his phone. But police determined the call was made from his phone in Great Falls.


In earlier interviews with the Missoulian, Christ attributed the complaint to the fact that the store manager was a close friend to one of his rivals in the medical marijuana business.


Christ faces two counts of intimidation, a felony that carries a penalty of 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine, and a misdemeanor count of privacy in communications, punishable by six months in jail and a $500 fine.


Please visit the source for more information and comments :


Missoulian reporter Gwen Florio can be reached at 523-5268 or gwen.florio@missoulian.com.




Some of the most respected leaders in our Cannabis Community have taken a stance against skype and Mobile Clinics . They are part of the past and future in medicine with a modern twist - like anything else it is how their run not if their viable . For the very sick who cannot be moved without suffering . loss of function and/or risk to health they fill a need .It is rare to find Doctors able to have the time to make house calls and accept medicare . Infact it is non existant . Yes you can be too sick or suffer from movement to go to a Doctor yet not desire to be in a nursing home or hospice . Dieing at home is a freedom of choice and often mandated by finances . Cannabis can make things more comfortable .

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