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Yellow Leaves On Clones -- Help!


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Some big, lower leaves on my just transplanted clones are turning yellow. I noticed it beginning 2 days prior to transplanting. It's gotten worse.


There is new growth at the top, and lots of new leaves sprouting up and down the main stem. The clones started in rockwool and are now in dirt.


I'm concerned and not sure what to do about this (TOTAL NOOB ALERT!)


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Don't worry about some leaves turning yellow on your clones. A lot of them die off as the clone builds roots. I think it's totally normal. Do you have a cover over your clones to keep in humidity? I don't use one and my clone leaves turn yellow. They still form roots though...


I clip em'



I misread. You already transplanted. No need for cover.

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