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New Here But Not To Mmj


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Well, Im new to the forum- the other forum I participate in for B.A.C.C. isn't quite as active in the growing aspect as I would like to see. So I'm in here in search of grow journals, bud porn, and to give and receive advice. I'm hoping to be able to make a few friends. Maybe find a couple events I didn't know about.


I have grown several strains, 3-4 diff bubblegums, a couple diff blueberries, jack herer, trainwreck, cotton candy, c99 x chemo, tooti fruity, super silver haze, ice,a few white widow's, purple kush, violator kush, pure gold,a few purps, chocolate chunk x cherry slyder, g-13 haze, big bud, new york city diesel, a landrace sativa, northern lights, and KKSC.


Hopin to start a few threads of my own- will be planning on getting a grow journal started here soon- not sure of what yet, but should be within the next 2 weeks. Got some beans of swiss cheese and L.S.D., also some bubblewreck seeds I accidentally produced, I may run those even with the risk of hermies. Peace and Karma, op2kal.

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I realized a bubblegum had hermied sittin back inna corner next to my fresh air intake cuz of a light leak but by the time I did the trainwreck had been pollinated.


I dont have any hermie plants just had a stressed female plant that produced a few male flowers. There is definitely a difference as hermies are genetically gonna produce male flowers on a female plant and the other non-hermie plants produce staminate (male) flowers on a mostly pistillate (female) plant from nutrient/ environmental stresses. If that same female were grown without the stress there would be no staminate flowers. True hermaphrodite plants can also produce whole male flowers without any female flowers around, one node will have a bud, the next node will be all pollen sacks.


I've seen plants go hermie flowers from the second week in flower- but most will produce them around the 6-9th week. To the untrained eye staminate flowers can be hard to see onna pistlate plant. Just look for little yellow bannana lookin things. I've noticed alot will produce them first towards the bottom of the plant but its not allways true. Look deep at those buds, look for area's that just look slightly different. Some produce nanners deep down in the bud and you usually will miss them.


I found the bubblegum producing male flowers around the 9th week of flower luckily very close to harvest, as you will find most will produce the male flowers when closer to harvest.

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