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Advice On Pre-Built Ebb And Flow

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I'm looking for an 8 to 10 site hydro system something already to go. I've built my own in the past, trial and error - I just want a whole kit 'cuz I don't have the time or patience at this point to be designing and building a system.

Anyone have advice on a system they have or used.


I'm looking at this: My link



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Hear me now, you won't end up being happy w/ANY premade ebb&grow type system. they need the timers away from the control bucket (water&electricity), they all need larger nute supply lines(takes too long to flood and clogs w/roots), you HAVE to add air to each pot w/a good pump (systems that come w/air SUCK), not enough or too small of holes on bottom of grow pot buckets (clogs w/roots).


you can build the same system with all the upgrades for the same 400 they are retail


EDIT: unless you get a cch2o.com (big bucks) there are no perfect premade system out there

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I built my own system because I wanted 5gal. sites. I also picked up this kit My link for the controller because it was a little more customizable than the pre-made controller buckets. There are people that I know that haven't had any problems with the ebb and grow systems. If you want to get a really good idea check out the rollitup.com hydro boards, there is a thread with over a 100 pages just about the ebb and grow.

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I like the looks of the Sentinel. They seem to have worked the bugs out of traditional flood and drain systems. F***k it, I think I'll be the guinea pig - $472 not too bad.


Here's a look at it copied from a website:



Up to 48 growing modules can be connected to a single system.

Distribution reservoir monitors and distributes the water to the modules.

All plastics in contact with the water or plants are 100% food-grade.

Growing modules are engineered to fully drain, no more stagnant water in the root zone.

High-flowing 20 mm/¾” water tubing and fittings makes for fast flood and drain times.

Ultra-safe, “low-voltage” water pumps operate on 24-volts DC.

Single cable connection and threaded water fittings make installation trouble-free.

Digital controller provides a full automatic mode. Automatically times the flood & drain cycle to monitor the pumps and activates an alarm if there is a pump problem.

Integrated leak sensor can detect water leaks and activate an alarm. The controller also has multiple alarm modes that are user selectable.

The MEF system comes complete with the digital controller, the distribution reservoir, (2) high-flow pumps, (6) growing modules and all of the fittings & tubing to install the system. The Sentinel MEF comes standard with a 3-year warranty on the controller and a 1 year on all other components.


Edit: Plus draining is bottom center (for full drainage) and the controller is mountable separate from the system

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