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Holy Crap The State Is Screwing Us!


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Ok so long story short is this..My patient had a CG who was an a#$ and wasnt getting anything done...I said hey I can help but it will take a bit..Anything is better than this guy, then went with me. We had to build the room which the PT knew and was fine with..He turned in the paperwork did everything the right way...I get my card (green) that says I am his CG. That was waaaaay back in November, he just today got his and it says hes his own CG. It is 1/18/2011 and he just now got his card. He says when he called they said to start over and pay 100 bux again.. That would fix it..I am openly admitting right now right here that I am currently growing for two patients..Him and my other patient. I do not have 24 plants..BUT.. am wondering what we do from here..Along with that he called the state and was told the whole one hundred bux more rather than the ten for just a transition from pt/cg to pt with a cg.


Needless to say he is pissed at the state an talking about suing them. Now I have a card that says I can grow for him but he has one that says different. I already have plants growing specifically for him and his condition. I assured him that they will remain as I can prove I am to be growing them for him..


Long story short he can grow I can grow and who does what now? Even if he sues our numbers match on our cards and one way o or another the cops can read what they want to read when they come to either of our houses. What do we do here, AND EVERYONE CHECK YOUR CARDS PLEASE!!!! These kind of errors can cost ppl their freedom..instinct is .. GET CARD..ASSUME I AM LEGAL..PUT IN WALLET...MOVE ON..maybe not for all but I am sure for most...



SO check your cards..


He contacted the law firm of Freeman and Freeman to see whats up and we will both keep you posted...


good luck everyone..


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flower that bunny muffin, you do not need to pay 100. Find and print off a change of caregiver sheet and you guys fill it out and send it and 10 bucks and boom you will be his cg again just taeks tiem for card to show

I know but for real ... why should he have to pay ten bux again..I know ten doesn't sound like a lot until yer poor but like for real pay twice for the same thing because the state messed up? LOL it reminds me of when the mafia would come through bust out the store window then tell the owner hey pay this so that doesn't happen again..It's sorta suspect in my opinion..I guess the point of this thread is that you all need to reference your cards with your pt's cards to be sure everything is kosher is all ..A heads up, this happened to us so watch you A#$.. Someone already said you would be foolish not to check your card..Older people and even some young trust their government works for them and may just slide it in their wallet thinking they r OK ..Just know this happened to us (especially with the change in leaders in this state) and be safe..

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