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Alphabetical Listing Of Michigan Boards And Commissions

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Who PAYS for ALL THAT, I can't help but to ask?


Regardless of who pays and who collects, here's the info:



Alphabetical Listing of Michigan Boards and Commissions


Welcome to the comprehensive listing of Michigan's more than 200 Boards and Commissions. Please check back frequently for updates as information is added. For detailed information on the function and membership of each board, please follow the links below.



Accessibility Advisory Council


Accountancy, State Board of


Acupuncture, Board of


Aeronautics Commission


Agricultural Marketing and Bargaining Board


Agriculture Preservation Fund Board

Agriculture, Commission of


Appellate Defender Commission


Apple Committee

Arab and Chaldean American Affairs, Advisory Council on


Architects, State Board of


Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission


Asparagus Advisory Board

Athletic Trainers, Board of


Auctioneer Board


Audiology, Board of


Automobile Theft Prevention Authority Board of Directors


Barber Examiners, State Board of


Barrier Free Design Board


BCBS Board of Directors


Bean Commission


Beef Industry Commission


Blind, Commission for the


Boiler Rules, Board of


Capitol Committee


Carnival-Amusement Safety Board


Cemetery Commissioner


Center for Innovation and Reinvention


Certificate of Need Commission


Cherry Committee

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board


Children's Trust Fund


Chiropractic, Board of


Citizens Advisory Committee for Transportation Funding


Citizens Committee for State Parks


Citizens Waterfowl Advisory Committee


Civil Rights Commission


Civil Service Commission


Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee


Clean Air Advisory Panel


Central Michigan University Board of Trustees


Community Action & Economic Opportunity, Commission on


Community Corrections Board


Community Service Commission

Complete Streets Advisory Council


Construction Code Commission


Construction Safety Standards Commission


Corn Marketing Program

Correctional Officers' Training Council


Cosmetology, State Board of


Council for Labor & Economic Growth


Counseling, Board of


Crime Victim Services Commission


Data Collection Agency Governing Board


Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Advisory Council on


Dentistry, Board of


Detroit Wayne County Health Authority


Detroit-Wayne County Port Authority


Diary Market Program Committee

Dietetics and Nutrition, Board of


Disability Concerns Commission


Disability Concerns, Commission on


DNR Commissions and Boards


Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board


Early Stage Venture Investment Corp.


Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents


Economic Recovery Oversight Board


Education Commission of the States


Education, State Board of


Education Trust Board of Directors

Electrical Administrative Board


Electronic Waste Advisory Board


Elevator Safety Board


Emergency 9-1-1 Service Committee


Emergency Interim Successors

Emergency Medical Services Coordination Committee


Employment Relations Commission


Employment Security Board of Review


Environmental Advisory Council


Ethics, State Board of


Examiners in Mortuary Science, State Board of


Executive Clemency Advisory Council


Farm Produce Insurance Board

Ferris State University Board of Control


Film Office Advisory Council


Fire Fighters Training Council


Forest Management Advisory Committee


Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee


Gaming Control Board

General Industry Safety Standards Commission


Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports


Governor's Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect


Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission


Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission (GTSAC)


Grape and Wine Industry Council

Great Lakes Commission


Great Lakes Protection Fund Board of Directors


Groundwater Conservation Advisory Council


Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees


Health and Safety Compliance and Appeals, Board of


Health Information Technology Commission


Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan


Historical Commission


History Foundation Board of Directors


Home Based Child Care Council Board of Directors


Idlewild Centennial Commission


Information Privacy Protection Council


Institutional Review Board


Intelligence Operations Center for Homeland Security, Advisory Board for the


Interagency Coordinating Council


Iron Industry Museum Advisory Board


Joint Task Force for Health Professions in Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine


Judges Retirement System Board


Judicial Tenure Commission


Juvenile Justice, Committee on


Lake Superior State University Board of Control


Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund Co


Law Enforcement Standards, Commission on

Law Examiners, Board of


Library of Board of Trustees


Liquor Control Commission


Long Term Care Supports and Services Advisory Committee


Lower Peninsula Citizens Advisory Councils


Mackinac Bridge Authority


Mackinac Historical Commission


Mackinac Island State Park Commission


Manufactured Housing Commission

Marriage and Family Therapy, Board of


Massage Therapy, Board of


Mechanical Rules, Board of


MEDC Corporate Board


MEDC Executive Committee


Medicine, Board of


Michigan Economic Growth Authority Board


Michigan Finance Authority


Michigan Citizen-Community Emergency Response Coordinating Council (MCCERCC)


Michigan Finance Authority


Michigan Food Policy Council (MFPC)

Michigan Forest Finance Authority


Michigan Freedom Trail Commission


Michigan State Housing Development Authority

Michigan Strategic Fund Board of Directors


Michigan Tech Board of Control


Michigan Truck Safety Commission


Military Appeals Tribunal


Mineral Wells Advisory Committee


Motor Carrier Advisory Board


Natural Resources Commission


Natural Resources Trust Fund Board


Northern Michigan University Board of Control


Nursing Home Administrators, Board of


Nursing, Board of


Oakland University Board of Control


Occupational Health Standards Commission


Occupational Therapists, Board of


Office of Children's Ombudsman (OCO)


Oil and Gas Advisory Committee


Onion Committee

Operator Training Certification Board


Optometry, Board of


ORV Advisory Board


Osteopathic Medicine Advisory Board


Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Board of


Parole and Commutation Board


Patient and Symptom Management, Advisory Committee on


Pesticide Advisory Committee (PAC)


Petroleum Cleanup Advisory Council


Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee


Pharmacy, Board of


Physical Therapy, Board of


Pigeon River Country Advisory Council


Plum Commission

Podiatric Medicine & Surgery, Board of


Potato Industry Commission

Professional Community Planners Regulation


Professional Engineers, State Board of


Professional Surveyors, State Board of


Psychology, Board of


Public Safety Communications Interoperability Board


Public School Employees Retirement System Board


Public Service Commission


Qualifications Advisory Committee


Quality Community Care Council Board of Directors


Real Estate Appraisers, State Board of


Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons, State Board of


Rehabilitation Council


Renewable Fuels Commission


Residential Builders and Maintenance & Alteration Contractors, State Board of


Respiratory Care, Board of


Saginaw Valley State University Board of Control


Sault St. Marie Bridge Authority


Scrap Tire Advisory Committee (STAC)


Self-Insurers' Security, Second Injury Fund, Silicosis, Dust Disease, and Logging Industry Compensation Fund Board of Trustees


Services to the Aging, Commission on


Small Business Clean Air Act Ombudsman


Snowmobile Advisory Committee


Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council


Social Work, Board of


Solid Waste Advisory Committee


Soybean Marketing Program Committee


Speech-Language Pathology, Board of


State 9-1-1 Committee (SNC)


State Administrative Board


State Advisory Council on Aging


State Boundary Commission

State Building Authority


State Canvassers, Board of

State Collection Practices Regulation Board


State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision


State Emergency Response Committee


State Employees Retirement System Board


State Fire Safety Board


State Forester Regulation


State Hearing Aid Dealer Regulation


State Historic Preservation Review Board


State Historical Records Advisory Board


State Officers Compensation Commission


State Plumbing Board


State Police Retirement System Board


State Ski Area Safety Board


State Tax Commission


State Teacher Tenure Commission


Statewide Independent Living Council


Supply Chain Management Development Commission

Task Force on Physician's Assistants


Tax Tribunal


Transportation Commission


Transportation Task Force


Travel Commission


Unarmed Combat Commission


Underwater Salvage and Preserve Committee


Upper Peninsula Citizens' Advisory Councils


Urban and Community Forestry Council


Utility Consumer Participation Board


Veterans Facilities Board of Managers


Veterans Memorial Park Commission


Veterans Trust Fund Board of Directors


Veterinary Medicine, Board of


Voices for Action


War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission


Water Quality Monitoring Advisory Board


Water Resources Conservation Advisory Council


Waterways Commission


Wayne County Airport Authority


Western Michigan University Board of Control


WC Qualifications Advisory Committee


Wetland Advisory Council


Wolf Management Roundtable


Women's Commission


Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission


Workers' Compensation Board of Magistrates


Here's the link:



CANNABIS CURES - Without Fears





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