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how much, when, and how often should molasses be used?


I'm a dirt grower, 6th week of flowering. I fertilize every other watering. On my off fertilizer watering, I put about a shot glass in two gallons of water. Too much?



In the past, I just put a tablespoon or so of sugar on the dirt surface before watering.


Not sure of the best way to use sugars/molasses.


The marijuana horticulture bible briefly mentions sugars, but nothing of methods.

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The How’s of Molasses




Indica, thank you. But what is the source "3LBs"? I wanna read that whole book.



I like the tea idea. I should be moving in that direction.



"3LBs" also talks about a molasses foliar spray. Do you think you'd use that during flowering? I've been staying away from sprays during flowering after I messed up last summers grow with a spray trying to get rid of spider mites.


Thanks again.

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Three Little Birds............then called themselves the Flintstoners.


You have to keep an eye on mold issues when spraying plants in mid to late flowering. If you choose to do this, use extra fans to keep the air moving at all times(light on and light off periods).


Indica, searched the internet a bit. I only saw one reference and it was on a site called THCfarmer. From that site, they said the that The Three Little Birds used to have a site that they shut down.


Any current sources for 3LBs?

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