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Medical Marijuana Falling Into The Wrong Hands

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The opposition keeps telling us how more marijuana will trickle down to teens now that medical marijuana is legal in Michigan. I think they are right. We should concede that point but we should counter.


A certain percentage of legal medications in our society are going to be stolen by teens that want to experiment. We should all try to be sure that all medicines are out of reach but mistakes are made and drugs do find their way to teenagers.


Let’s ask our representatives, ‘If your child decided to experiment with ‘getting high’, would you rather they smoke marijuana or would you rather they experiment with vicodins from the medicine cabinet?’


The use of medical marijuana is allowing patients to eliminate many of the dangerous pills that they were taking. So instead of the opiate painkillers, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety pills, etc. falling into the wrong hands, more marijuana may.





Is that a valid argument?

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The strictest laws will not prevent abuse. it's foolish to think more laws will accomplish their goals. Restrictive laws make matters worse, causing the very behaviror they claim it'd stop. We need laws, but we need realistic laws, practical guidelines that apply to everyone; if leo breaks the law, leo gets the same treatment any citizen would who breaks it. Laws need to be respected by EVERYONE, too, not just a select few. We know all this but some people still don't get it, (our AG, gov'ner, and a certain senator, among others). There's abuse of legal substances, too, so what does that prove about laws?



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i dont buy it. my daughter is now 18. she is and has been fully aware of my "Med" use for well over 10 yrs. she has never wanted to try it, nor any of her friends that are aware, of kids of my friends. they dont want to try it, and KNOW we would allow them to with stipulations.



if a kid wants to smoke marihuana, hes gonna smoke it, just like he will smoke cigs if he wants or drink ect.....

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