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Tiger Direct Has A Very Cheap Basic Xp Pro Computer For 130 Delievered

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I am not that computer savy but I saw this and thought it might help someone on a very limited budget . I figure it could be used for basic internet mail , word processing , or with some security cameras like wilife , It would not be good for gaming or saving video . The XP pro operating system is a nice plus and the main reason I am pointing it out . If you sign up for the online catolog st tigrterdirect they give you a $10 coupon the computer is 18 to ship to Michigan . Some sites might bog down the 256 k graphic card but I have a 128 in mine and it works still . If you can survive with the small hard drive or afford to also hook in a external it could be a alternative machine for when your browsing the message boards so you don't risk your regular machine picking up a virus or exposing your important info . Might work for a CC with limited funds .


Since being disabled I learned I can shop pretty well online for all but food and very small items under $10 because of shipping charges . . Tiger doesnt charge sales tax to Mi residents as their out of Florida , ..you still owe it but the State has allowances now for people with low incomes . I pay $6 for the first thousand in online3 purchases where tax was not collected each year its on your 1040 form and instruction booklet . BTW it is a good idea to file Federal and State tax forms even when you don't owe any . The form copies can be used for establishing discounts at community clinics health and dental , Goverment Housing subsidies access to obtain the Home heating credit ,EIC .Hospital and pharmacetical discounts . This may be the last year for some programs I believe they are trying to do away with the Home Heating assistance and EIC . Sad its not like the people on these programs can make up the difference or sacrifice income from something else . There already tapped out .


I have broadband and use a similar computer with a majic jack for my phone . It is great except unlike a ooma with majic jack your computer must always be on to receive or male calls . However by removing my phone bill majic jack was 99 dollars for 5 years it helps me to afford the broadband that you must have to use it . I am able to get by with the slowest one offered in my area . The majic jack is nice because you can take it anywhere I have used them at public libraries . However I had to get a prepaid cell phone so I could be sure to be able to call a ambulance majic jacks are not as dependable as land line . I paid 30 for the phone intiially and it came with a few minutes then bought 1000 minutes for $100 that roll over when you put the $10 in to keep everything active from my prepaid carrier . Had mine 5 years and have spent $180 noy bad less then $40 a year and average cost goes down each year .


You need to do this cause a majic jack isnt dependable like I already mentioned if you need to call 911 incase of a power outage or the broadband being out . I have a pay as you go cell phone for that I use for nothing but emergencies and saftey . It was expensive up front to estabish $130 but T mobile rolls over minutes after you spend $100 . I just pay $10 a year to keep it active even less when I use one of those discount minute companies . However I never use it just to talk its like I said for emergencies period and now I am coverred everywhere .


If you cant afford something like this for when you have to leave home or in a emergency keep a old cell phone charged they all work on 911 even if their not activated currently . Just make sure you can get a cell tower from your home location before you depend on it


Majic jack works well but I do have 2mb of ram in my old machine . I believe with xp 512 is the minimum if I had any trouble I would add a stick or flash upgrade to increase ram like XP allows for . This machine has no dvd player or rw .





I had a friend tell me he bought a lap top with cd DVD rw player for $300 plus tax , Dual Processor 4 gb ram 2gb grafic card XP pro w office , 2 yr warrantee by shop it was a off lease corperate unit so look around . I am outa touch with what happens in the real world often . I saw the lap top it was nice for those that had more then $130 to spend not including monitor . Older CRT's can usually be had for free on Criags list or local free ads .

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My Magicjack has saved my family some cash on phone bills, I bought a net-book computer for cheep , that's what is running the M.j phone , four years now and only $19.99 a year. and yeah you do want a cell or a back up just in case . but no problems with M.Jack yet... That computer they are offering is so you can have a dedicated one for M.J , maybe ?

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