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Denied Ssi Because Of Pending Felony?

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Was I denied SSI because I have been accused of a felony manufacturing marijuana? could this be true?


I don't understand what my police record has to do w/ receiving benefits and the fact that they state "have you been accused of a felony"?


wtf innocent until proven guilty correct?


so what does a accusation of a crime have to do with anything?


I contacted a lawyer, they were in agreement that they saw no direct reason why I was denied I fit more than one of their direct guidelines for approval.


I have the application in front of me for my SSI, why does it ask me and state; (I said no to all these questions.)


Fugitive Felon and Parole or Probation violation information


  • The following statements describe my fugitive felon/parole or probation violator status as of February 17, 2011.
  • I have not been accused or convicted of a felony or a attempt to commit a felony.
  • I am not on parole or probation under Federal or State law


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I have a PM from you with the SSI lawyer number you provided already.:thumbsu:


But what I don't understand is why does it ask those questions?


What does it matter if I have been accused of or convicted of a crime? why would they ask that..... I see no reason what that has to do with SSI?



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Just a tip// yes its true most people get denied

first time but i also know some who apply an get

approved within 3 months.

i believe they ask you about felony questions

due to being time in jail..any time past 30

days you dont recieve benefits and they restart

when your are out of jail.JMHO


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trix bottom line is when you go to jail for more than 30 days they stop ssdi and ssi, and all state aid! been there done that, I have a great attny also if the one you have dont work out. Im not sure but I wouldnt hire you, if you mite go to jail next month for 6,,,could be,,,check the law or call an attny for a free consultaion with your question!




edit= plus you the wrong age, race, sex, the odds are stacked against ya,,,dont give up, dont miss a lick,,,refile aft all appeals exhuasted imediatly! took me 8 yrs and i was several yrs older than you!


also if you are coming out of prison (the system) its actualy a lil easier! I know some here may disagree! with good reason,,,but i bet not to many ex prisoners took 8yrs to get it!!

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