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10 Industries That Are Growing The Fastest

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fyi; Private for profit jails and prisons lead the list and that's very disturbing. When you remove the state or local authorities responsibility for the incarcerated prisoners health and safety things turn ugly very quickly.


If a state, a town, or whatever municipality is going to put a human being in jail they should be responsible not a "Jails-R-Us" executive.




Correctional facilities


Privatized prisons are a big business that's only getting bigger -- a grand slammer, if you will.


The prison industry's $34.4 billion in revenues last year is part of total revenue growth of 9.1% from 2000 through this year, IBISWorld says. Total revenue growth from this year through 2016 is forecast at 7.5%.


"America has the highest per capita incarceration rate In the world," Thormahlen says. "We are also seeing a lot of state governments moving closer to the privatization of their facilities. We are seeing a lot of benefit for private correctional facilities."


With a year-after-year double-digit increase in prison populations, crime will continue to pay for private jail keepers and companies such as The Geo Group(:GEO) and Corrections Corporation of America (:CXW).


Thormahlen says that as states struggle with their budgets, more may take their cue from places such as Arizona, which last year tried to enforce a (since-repealed) law requiring that all prisons be privatized. Florida is among other states working to hand off responsibility for running its jails.

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Good points.

When jails become corporations you can be sure that they will be running at maximum occupancy, filled mostly with low level drug offenders.

What happens when business is down? Pay judges to lock up innocent people! These dirtbags made millions by incarcerating children.



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Just read your local papers,,you can tell if your local jail is full or not by sentences week to week, alot of these lil places send prisoners to places like clare, and clare is in the jail business, they get alot fo wayne county prisoners,,,they have I believe 2, 72 man pods and a couple about half that size,,plus the old cells for the local boys! thats a big county jail for up here! unfortunatly i been there! lol


I beleive they are county run though! just making money off of other countys that cant house them,,,,if your attnys new the jail system good enough and could time your trials, youd have a better chance of getting tethers, and breath machines on your vihicles in stead of being locked up,,,Oh its free to dream!





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