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My friend is thinking about starting a grow room in his house but he has several young kids that live with him part time. The rest of the time they live with their mother. Is this something that she could use against him in custody battles in court?


The answer is a clear and unambiguous YES, despite the text of the MMMA.


It will definitely be used against him...if she knows about the grow op.


The question is why does she have to know?


Unless the kids are surly, unmanageable teenagers, or unless you live in a small house then you should be able to have a small grow room without the neighbors finding out- much less the ex wife!


IMHO the kids should not find out until they are old enough to provide considerable input into their own custody arrangement if it is ever "used against you" (and I promise you she will bring it up, and the time you raised your voice, and the time you smacked the kid upside the head, your drug habit, etc..).

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Read up on Petoskeystoned's story and what happened to his sister and her kids. IIRC, the kids were taken away by the ex in a custody battle, with a primary reason for taking them being the grow in the house.


I love growing, and it's hard to imagine giving it up. I love my kids more, though.

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