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Ann Arbor Supports Mmj Caregivers

Smoker Goat

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In light of this quote I would appreciate it if Blueberry would acknowledge the mistake of whipping forum members into a frenzy with bombastic, wild speculation that City Council was attempting to take over the entire state's production and distribution with a number of licensed mega-grows. I hope that this kind of unbridled sensationalism will give way to a more sober presentation of facts in the future. Thanks Blueberry!


Without adding clarification to the city's zoning ordinance, city officials said it might have been possible for multiple caregivers to grow marijuana together — possibly through a co-op structure — and have more than 72 plants under one roof. Council members expressed concerns about having such mega-grow operations in the city, with some saying it could invite the unwanted interest of federal drug enforcement officials.





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I've been attending these council meetings for the past several months now and each and every time one of us speaks to the council the first thing that we do is thank them for their vigilance. It really brought a smile to my face, watching the facial contortions of Mr. Postema (city attorney) while they slowly tore his attempts to sully the ordinances to shreds. First they threw out any mention of following Federal law (Mayor said, "heck the State isn't following the Federal laws, why would we", then they threw out any mention of large grow operations. Considering what the Feds are telling the city of Oakland, CA I can't say that I blame them for covering their rectumes on that front. They also were considering having anyone who grows away from their homes inspected and having liscensing fees for those folks, but, as one council-woman said, how can we burden someone who cannot grow in their own home because they have small children, or live in an apartment. So they dropped that idea from the ordinances too...We have good folks on that City council, concerned citizen politicians who care about the direction that our law will take, wanting to insure that all are properly protected. . . . Peace, j.b.

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