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Emmet Co. Funding Keeps Sane Alive!

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The world still goes 'round without SANE! The proof is in the pudding! Check this link out http://articles.petoskeynews.com/2011-02-23/straits-area-narcotics-enforcement_28622914. Why don't the rest of the officers and troopers around here earn their money and start doing some real work. In investigating Govt. Salaries Officers and Troopers such as Schultz and Kloss are earning just under $30/hour and they just stand around while SANE does there thing to medical marijuana patients and caregivers. Why don't the rest of the counties just start picking up the slack and doing these jobs themselves like Charlevoix County? Check out the link!

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The easiest solution would be to change marijuana from a Class I NARCOTIC to something more reasonable like alcohol and tobacco. Then the Straights Area NARCOTICS Enforcement team can go screw themselves or work on a real problem like scripted drugs and REAL narcotics. Now that would be a program WORTH funding!

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Hello everyone, just another reminder that my Motion to Suppress (unsigned warrant), and the Motion To Dismiss under 4 and 8 will be held tomorrow still at 1 pm in Emmet County Circuit Court, Division St. (not Rd) in downtown Petoskey, 49770.

I know that everyone is extremely busy, but Jenny and Myself as well as Barbi of course are hoping as many as possible will show up to support us as well as put Emmet County on notice that this HAS TO STOP!

Another caregiver friend was raided just recently here in Petoskey, wher SANE avtually took samples from the compost pile, confiscated empty jars, bags of seeds, and took a clipping from each of her plant! What the...

Please come tomorrow friends!


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