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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone!


I have been been on the site for about... 2 months and I have deciced to formally introduce myself. (Please forgive the typos and grammatical errors in advance :)


I am a patient who will soon be growing my own meds and my wife is a caregiver. We both use this screen name therefore, if anyone of you hear from me it will either be from my wife or myself.


Currently I will attempt to grow my own medication and as my level of skill increases, I imagine I will go from there. We are both relatively new to this and are trying to learn as we go, so we will both be asking a million questions to you all and hope you have patience with us a we stumble through the learning process.


I have already spoken with many of you, and honestly, some people here are very nice and some people here are very cold and rude. Fortunately is has been more of the former and less of the latter, so I am pleased with that - and would like to send a huge thanks to everyone who has helped me thus far - your efforts are truly appreciated. Additionally, I have met one person who helped me build my grow room (construction complete now!!!) and he has been awesome, so I thank him for that.


Anyway, I respect the cause and will do my best to help anyone in anyway I can, though I doubt I will be a huge help initially. Please let me know if there is anything I can do, and if anyone has any clones or teenagers I am interested in buying. Moreover, since I am not rich if anyone has any reasonably priced meds, I am also interested as I havent started growing mine yet, because I am not very handy and cannot figure out how to hang my lights....


Thanks again everyone, I appreciate everything thus far!!!

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Welcome! I'm new as well. Good feeling no?


--- Again --- disclaimer --- please forgive the typos and grammatical errors, I am trying for content - not for an English final --



Some people are very nice and make you feel welcome. Some people are a bit on edge and make this site a tad bit intimidating, however, I find that most people here are generally kind and like the old school - everyone knows everyone - mentality. So they give new people a hard time, but after a little bit you win them over if you are legit...


Your experiences thus far?

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Already had my first fatility...


I put 5 plants under a 400w light for 24 hours a day (6inches away from the bulb) for 3 days and they were doing well.


then I decided to put them under a 1000w bulb (6 inches away) and in 5 hours they were burnt up.


I sprayed them with water, moved them about 3 feet from the light and I am praying they recover, though I am fairly certain I am going to have to buy new plants.

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Guest thequietone

A 1000 watter that close is going fry them babies. Depending on where you live I can help you with genetics as I have a few clones I could gift you. Send me you location in a PM and I will try to work something out.

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Guest thequietone

There is always a chance a plant might recover, but when light burnt it is rare in my experience. This is one of those growing lesson you have to get once to learn.

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Is there anything I can do to save these plants or are they gone?


If your vegging these plant and want to save them ,


I suggest you get them out from under those Huge MH or HPS Lights


get them under a T-5 fluorescent ...


Make a Dome to go over the top of those damage plant ...


Just as if you were cloning them all over ...


Mist the plant w/ distilled water 5-6 times a day ...


that may save them....


PS ... Get some of this :


Clonex Clone Solution




Feed them only w/ this ... till they are back healthy

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:D Welcome.


Some people are a bit on edge and make this site a tad bit intimidating


My apologies if I was friend. I remember you had PMed me about something when you had 0 posts. You have to realize that many of us are used to people being set up by LEO and are a bit careful of new people. I have noticed it quite a bit , as I have made some new friends lately. Please be patient with people. Also as people get to know you better those guards will drop eventually. This being an online based community the only way that will happen is to just make posts.

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