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Cheboygan County Ordinance Hearing Tonight

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At 7:00 pm tonight Cheboygan County Commissioners will hear public comment on their proposed medical marijuana ordinance.


Yes folks, this is another one of those unenforceable bullsheet laws that is little more than a veiled attempt to subvert the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.


The Northern Michigan Compassion Club has been leading the effort to inform citizens of the impact such an ordinance would have on taxpayers, and have drafted an alternative that comports with existing law and will not be challenged in court by County caregivers (and patients who won't be able to find cheap cannabis anymore).


If you are in the area, please attend and lend your support.


Cheboygan County Building - Room 135

870 S. Main Street

Cheboygan, MI 49721


Time to go do battle!!!!

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hey i really wanted to go to this meeting tonight but i had to work....


So ill ask anyone who went to give a report on how it went...


ok so i have a ? for you brad....say this thing passes the way it is, and i dont go get my house rezoned am i not going to be protected by the MM law anymore

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Last night almost 100 county residents showed up in opposition to the County's proposed ordinance that would virtually make 80% of County caregivers criminals.


It was moving! Many took their 3 minutes at the podium and spoke their hearts. Ultimately the Planning Commission, who were prepared to pass this ordinance last night, tabled the vote and sent the draft back to their attorney for revisions. They rescheduled their vote for June 1, but no additional public comment will be heard (officially maybe, but I'll be working all these people for the next two weeks!).


The Northern Michigan Compassion Club provided each trustee with a detailed summary of why their ordinance conflicted with state law and was entirely unenforceable. I would like to post a copy here but the file is too large to upload.


If you are facing a restrictive ordinance in your area that requires caregivers to again register locally, pay a fee for a permit, schedule an inspection, or any other provision that limits the "medical use" of cannabis, contact me and I will send you an electronic copy to fight the gentlemen. I will also have hard copies available at the Lansing Rally for the cost of production which is about $25 each.


This package is 150 pages and includes all supporting documentation for sources. It also includes an Alternative Ordinance that you may modify as needed for your area.


WE CAN WIN! The science is on our side, the public is on our side, all we need is for everyone to get involved! See you all May 25 in Lansing!!!

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Great work to you Brad, and all of those who turned out.


I am embarrassed that I am unable to attend these things. When I called for help in Saginaw you were there. Having been badly injured by LEO I am unable to travel. The Justice Department has taken up my police misconduct complaint for consideration. Will keep you posted. I can ill afford a civil tort action, but am looking hard into it anyhow. Any genuine and effective help from any corner would be appreciated. It was necsessary that I keep quiet about this for several months, but now things are starting to happen.

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