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We had a situation that just ended when one of my neighbors relatives went off after taking pills and attacked his grand-mother. This is about the eighth time police have been called in to defuse the situation with this guy after he gets high on the pills.


A couple of months ago this very same person held my brother and sister in law hostage and after his arrest he was remanded to a psychiatric hospital for seventy two hours then kicked out.(No charges filed)


When is Michigan and the rest of the country (world) going to wake-up and realize that the proliferation of narcotic pills is by far one of the worst public health issues facing us today, not cannabis, and has been for a very,very long time.


The Macomb Daily was here when this was happening and will publish a story, I'll let community know when its published.


Although I despise the term 'pot' when talking about cannabis but..."Pot Not Pills" is kind of catchy.

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Wow this reporter has so much missing and wrong its a wonder anything truthful gets printed, it wasn't his Mother he assaulted it was his Grand-Mother.He had a psychotic episode from the pills he had taken and those probably came from the drug house on the next block. (The crime rate in here is off the hook)


We had an operating crack house right next door to us for almost three years! And it wasn't the two raids that finally shut the place down they were evicted for non-payment of lot rent. Even though they violated many state and federal laws and rules of the community they weren't evicted until the landlord couldn't get his cash.


Also, I don't understand why the State, Macomb County, and Clinton Twp. has allowed the property owner (landlord) to let this community infrastructure deteriorate to the extent it has. The sewers for rain water run off have collapsed in many areas and now the water runs off into yards, lays in mass puddles for weeks, and, mixes with waste water and runs into the county culvert behind the property.


Last year the health dept. came in and condemned two homes because their toilets for a year or more were flushing into the ground and the management knew of this and did nothing. The owner was ordered to clean up the ground around the homes and make sewer repairs but nothing has been done.


Several of us residents formed a community watch and have gotten zero support from management or the police,management will not even allow us to hold watch meetings anymore in the office conference room.


We have zero police patrols and even the Macomb County Sheriffs office is being denied patrol access by Clinton Twp, sheriffs told us that. Fourteen years ago this was a really nice inexpensive place to live and own your own home.


I am saving up to move and hopefully will have enough by fall of 2012 to make the move to eastern Tennessee.




Clinton Township police at about 7:50 a.m. Friday responded to a call about a man having a confrontation with his mother in Parkway Village Mobile Home Park, near Joy Boulevard and Gratiot Avenue. Police said they initially believed the man had weapons and was going to barricade himself in a home. Within 30 minutes, however, he surrendered and was taken to a mental health facility.

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