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Hmmm, I didn't discern my readings of his posts that way, but maybe I need to think about them more. I took his speaking engagment and posts as a realistic, impartial view that attempted to clarify potential and realistic hazards for cardholders/caregivers, not as voicing his own opinion.

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i like the first part i read, "The confusion regarding medical marijuana most adversely affects patients and caregivers. The patchwork of local ordinances forces them to interpret confusing language to determine what activities are permitted on a local level. Further, the Department of Community Health’s inability to meet statutory deadlines forces them to wait months to receive a state issued registry identification card. In the meantime, they are forced to present a paper copy of their application to satisfy police questioning as to why they are in possession of a controlled substance. Finally, patients are told told they may use marijuana for medical purposes, then lose their job for the same activity. Don’t get me wrong, there is abuse present within the medical marijuana community; however, I believe the state has an obligation to remove these burdens from the common patient/caregiver ." - from his section on Patients/Caregivers


Sounds like he 'gets it'.

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after reading much more of it, i still like this page, A LOT. it is very informative for a person new to medical marijuana, especially if they lean against it. the arguments that are persuasive aren't at all inflammatory or bombastic, just straightforward and honest. i could show that page to my mom and feel good about it. thanks for sharing.

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