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Wisconsin: Capitol Police Tackle, Arrest Members Of The Press


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"People in Wisconsin have more back-bone than the other forty-nine states combined! I am in awe of these people. They are taking back their state, and they should be teaching the rest of us how to fight the Corporate Plutocrats who have enslaved us. Seriously, is the rest of America sedated?"


The above is a comment left about the happenings in Wis. and across the country and they are right! Wis. seems to be the only state where the citizenry is actually taking an active stand against whats being done to us.


The people of Michigan had better take a lesson from Wis. and get together and make our voices and demands heard.


We can easily become as much slaves to precaution as we can to fear.

- Randolph Bourne





Five people were arrested in Madison, Wisconsin at the Capitol yesterday, amid a march of thousands led by former Sen. Russ Feingold.


Protesters created a Walkerville tent city outside the state Capitol building in Madison, to protest budget cuts which could be enacted as early as this week. That budget bill may also include the anti-union provisions which passed but then got tied up in a court challenge over the procedures used to pass them.


The Walkerville project is more organized than the spontaneous protests that erupted in February when state Republicans tried to pass the anti-union provisions the first time. Organizers have a permit for Walkerville until June 20. Each day has a theme. It’s more of a presence than an organic outpouring of dissent.


But some protesters still want to enter the Capitol. Under the law, they have that right. The state ACLU successfully sued the Department of Administration to return the access policies to allow for a relatively open Capitol building. Yet yesterday, people were arrested in the Capitol building. Security personnel in the building started padlocking the doors, against the accepted standards mandated under court order, and when filmmakers started shooting that, the police turned their attention to them. These filmmakers were credentialed members of the press who have been capturing footage in Wisconsin for many weeks.


Last week at a Joint Finance Committee meeting, protesters engaged in civil disobedience and were carried out of the room. But this case looks to be much more sinister. Police officers in the Capitol just didn’t want video evidence of them locking the doors. So they tackled and arrested reporters, credentialed press.


Walkerville is meant to be a peaceful protest, but given how security is clearly on a knife’s edge, it could easily get out of hand.

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48 states?



The people in Wisconsin are mad and have a reason to be. The unions had already agreed to the cuts and were still being targeted by the Koch brothers funded Right Wing. If they and others like them have their way, we will return to the 1800s and lose all of the rights we workers have fought for, and will be nothing more than slaves. but that is what we already are, wage slaves, just one step away from beishackledled and whipped.

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