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Regulators Working With Law Enforcement To Bust Colorado Medical Marijuana Growers


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Colorado medical marijuana regulators have partnered up with local law enforcement agencies to help cities shut down medical marijuana gardens according to various AP reports.The aim is to prosecute medical marijuana growers who are doing their best to follow a very confusing set of constantly changing policies.


Colorado is currently the only state with medical marijuana regulations that allow companies to profit from selling the medicine so strict business licensing requirements are making it easier for law enforcement to find, raid, and prosecute marijuana cultivators. A 2010 law requiring special marijuana business license was passed, forcing the dispensaries, cultivators, and other related manufacturers to adapt to a whole new set of regulations.


evilxop.pngPolice and state regulators say the new regulations now give law enforcement the ability to target and shut down virtually any marijuana related business they choose since the new regulations are such overkill.


In other Colorado News, Matt Cook, the chief marijuana enforcement agent for the states is stepping down.


Cook said Friday he’s retiring at the end of the month. Technically Cook’s is senior director of enforcement for the Department of Revenue. The division of medical marijuana is under his leadership, which oversees dispensaries and growing operations.


Cook says he plans to to become a consultant in the field of medical marijuana. Cook was responsible for the creation of the Colorado’s exhaustive marijuana business regulations.





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