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Anybody Got Reserva Privada Og Kush, Og 18?


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Im looking for Reserva Privada OG Kush, OG 18. If you have one or both of these strains please reply to this ad.


Proof of strain is appreciated. Id like to see a dry piece if possible. Just trying to stop wasting time with phoneys.


Thanks in advance.


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Just get the #18 from Reserva Privada, then you'll know it's the real deal.


Let it flower 10 weeks. You won't be disappointed. It is mighty.


I'd like to but any reputable banks are continuously out of stock. Thats the exact reason Im on here hoping to find it.


Thanks for the reply

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Both of these strains are actually currently back IN STOCK at Attitude seedbank!! Your Lucky Day Bro!! Order quick before they are gone!! These two seem to only be in stock a few times each year!!


Yea, if you sign up for the email thing, it will let you know when there back in stock.

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