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Growing In Duplex?


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Hi all! Currently trying to locate a house to rent that I can grow at, but have been considering rending a Duplex. I will be using carbon filters as needed to take care of smell, but would appreciate any feedback.


Spending 5-700 a month seems a lot more realistic than renting a house for 1,000 and having the landlord wonder what a single guy is doing in a 3 br house...


Thanks for feedback in advance everyone!



Also, if anyone knows of a MM friendly landlord near Berrien Springs / Baroda / Saint Joseph, then please let me know!

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A duplex has more risk than a house. If the neighbor has a 911 issue, they may come into your side too. Also, smell is always an issue. If you have a power outage, carbon filters do not work. If your humidity gets too high carbon filters do not work. If you have a leak in your ducting, carbon filters do not work. If you buy too small of a filter for your fan cfms the carbon filter will not work. Also when the carbon filter gets old and quits working, smell is what usually alerts you to the issue. If you have your meds outside of the carbon filtered room to dry, process, or even weigh, smell can be an issue.


In general renting has an increased risk. If you are renting, a house would be best. Many duplexes share duct work, so smell can be a huge concern.


That being said, there are many low order strains out there.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I am considering: A) Renting other side of a duplex where the one side are people I know that smoke a lot. B) Trying to finance a house.


Wish me luck!


It might be a good time to buy. A lot of desperate folks out there. Prices are cheap and you might be able to snag a land contract, and bypass the bank.....shredder



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