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Tv6 News, Upper Michigan

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The city of Marquette MI in the U.P. has been working on the wording to its moratorium for the last 3-4 months now, yesterday they had the DEA come in and tell them some things about medical marijuana!



here's the link





MARQUETTE -- Medical marijuana may be legal in the State of Michigan, but it's still illegal by federal standards, and the Marquette City Commission heard from the DEA on the subject.


DEA Special Agent Robert Corso from Detroit presented the commission with insight into the federal perspective of medical marijuana. He explained that the DEA still considers marijuana a schedule one drug like heroin and ecstasy.


This means even if dispensaries or collective growers are operating in the legal parameters of a local ordinance, they are still subject to federal penalties.


"There's been a lot of questions regarding the dichotomy between federal and state and local ordinances, and all I did tonight was give federal perspective on medical marijuana issues throughout the country," said Corso.


Corso also shared personal experiences as to the negative effects of medical marijuana in communities such as rising crime rates.


The Marquette City Commission is in the process of trying to craft a medical marijuana ordinance.

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The Ogden memo is no more. AG Cole released a new memo as of June 29th saying any collective grows and dispensaries are going against the Controlled Substance Act. Just another thing Obama's Admin has turned on. I like how they throw in at the end that Medical Marijuana brings up the crime rate. It is crap like that without any statistics that make the common person think of this as bad. When there isn't any proof of crime going up. In most studies it actually goes down.

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There are no facts to back the Duh.E.A. agents claim of rising crime rates in communities because on medical cannabis, liar! Typical disinformation rhetoric that only adds to the confusion that Lansing is already causing by lying to the public about how out of control the program is.


It has become more than just an attack on MM, its attacks on our personal freedoms, personal privacy, and the sanctity of our homes.

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.

- Abraham Lincoln

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The only clarification of the memo was to reserve the right to prosecute, which is not being used against individual medical patients following their state law. The DEA did say that commercial operations are not viewed in the same light as individual medical patients and may be prosecuted. The DEA and LEO make money off the schedule 1 status of marijuana and use the mere fact it is schedule 1 currently as proof there is no medical benefit. It is not investigating the use of cannabis as medicine (except the FDA did just approve a study on PTSD), it is simply not in their financial interest to do so. Until we have another 10 states, making a majority of states acknowledging the benefits of cannabis as medicine, that will not change on the national level.


Dr. Bob

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The DEA agent was there to keep the 'dis-information mill' going in an effort to maintain his 'Federal' job and the jobs of his 'friends'


LEO agencies stand to lose 'billions' of dollars in wages and money for 'enforcement gadgets' if MMJ or cannabis is ever legalized at the Federal level for medical OR recreational purposes.

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