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Rally On The 7Th - Attend Only Support?


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I'm just hearing of this rally, but I'm a little disturbed that it is an "attend only" event. This seriously excludes many people that are supporters but can't make it -keep in mind there are cardholders and caregivers in parts of MI that are 11 hours from Lansing. Many cardholders I know are homebound or indigent and can't afford to come or have no transportation. I have children in school and am 4 hours from Lansing so I am ruled out from supporting a cause I am very passionate about. Rallys are a good way to show we mean business and we're organized, but petitions can supplement the visual display.

I think you'd see the 63% of voters (or more there are people who are upset just because of the to h*ll with the voter mentality in Lansing and would support this just on principal)who supported it in the first place, step up and show support once again if given the means to do so, not requiring attendance. Just my opinion.

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@ EdwardGlen, I asked in the chat about not being able to attend but wanting to support and was told this was "attend only," so either be there or be part of the problem (is basically the jist of what I was told). I'd love to do anything to help (even behind the scenes coordination/help if needed).

@ Blueberry - First I'd like to say, you and Dr. Bob are my heros (for this cause)! Your dedication and professionalism are exactly what we need to lead this effort. Thank you for the clear explanation, now "attend only" makes sense. How about a board of the pics of ill supporters who cant make it but can send you pics? I know that costs money too...just trying to think of how to get everyone "there" in some way, shape or form.

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