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A Song That Makes Me Think Of Schuette


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Please excuse the video and sound quality. The original studio version is much better. Firehose - Hellhole, from Mr.Machinery Operator. (Feat. Frida Riche)

I wanted to post the lyrics here for this song. i've been thinking of bill and jessica a lot lately. they have been thinking they would like to play scientist and judge, and tell us how when where to medicate. this appears to be never, noway, and nohow. Watt like the Mota, so he won't mind us doing this one bit. He'd be proud to give credit to George and Ed for writing it.


It's a crime and it's a sin
you gorge and prosper, and ask us to keep believin
- When is enough enough?
greed is how you feed,
forget the people who need
-Execution on site, for politicians who steal.
Men on their knees
tryin not to give up
children that are hungry - can barely hold a cup
our country is growing in to a hell hole
there is no pride
-i want to strangle politicians that hide behind lies.*
You've become what you're against
we're cold and broke and hungry
it's never been the same since
go hang yourself you gentleman,
get the intercourse outta here!
get the f out!

*please note this is not a threat. i do desire to see the people that profit on our backs, repent (grace) or die (justice). but i would never seek to actually cause said death.
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