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Strains For The Noobie


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Getting ready to start my grow and order some genetics.


Im a noob and concerned with the ease or difficulty of growing out some particular strains.


What strains have novice growers had success with, in reguards to flowering time, yeild, and medicinal value?


Wouldnt mind finding an easy to grow strain with a high CBD content. All suggestions welcome.


Thanks, Jam

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I would start with an Indica strain. Indicas have been a favorite of growers for years due to short plant height, around 8 week flower,and some other benefits.



Yes i was planning on starting with some pure indica or an indica dominant hybrid. Any particular strain or breeder suggestions?

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I have had some great results on my first grow with Kandy Kush.


She is the only one I have pulled so far. Here is my journal, just look at all the stress she went through in veg, and yet she still gave me LOTS of great medicine.



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