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Rp! Is The Man


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Here is my read on the clear typecast GOP field:


Herman "the clown" Cain. He is there to crack jokes and keep the mood up between drab politicians.


Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman: Hype Men of the Lunatic Fringe. They say radical things and crazy people clap. (I will likely vote for RP)


Rick "Family Christian Guy" Santorum: He is there to hold the base of psycho christians. Sprinkling just enough values to keep people "not angry".


Mitt "Illuminati" Romney: Clearly the pick of higher powers.


Newt "the enforcer" Gingrich: He is the seasoned old timer there to keep the overall story straight.


Jon "One Time" Huntsman: His daughters take some of the clown pressure off Herman Cain.


Rick "oops" Perry: Friends of dubya unite.

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Maybe we need a little crazy in the White House. Seriously, I have been watching the republicans make fools of themselves and rooting for Ron all the way. He is passionate about our country and is sick of the out of control spending that is going on in the US. He would surely make a BIG change, and it may be the change we need as a Nation. Not only is our nation failing, so is most of the world!

Get rid of the lobbyist and Foreign Aide to China and Russia. For gods sake we have to hitch a ride to space with Russia, what has America came too?

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