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Fruitport Township Ordinance Going Into Effect


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Please help...this is the ordinance my township is voting on this next week. It would require me to pay out over $5500.00 due to license fees, surveyor fees (have to have my property surveyed and all other parks, churches, daycares, that may be in a 1000 foot area to make sure it is NOT or I can not grow. Along with having to put up a survailance system. AND, I am a caregiver for my husband who can not physically do the growning, but they only allow the caregiver to smoke in the house and no other...are any of my civil rights violated here or any state laws? I do not have the $ for this much less then try to hire a lawyer to fight it for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

FCT Ordinance (drafted 10-14-11).pdf

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take a look at the law and see if it tells you that your required to do any of that , pay attention to the part that says no inspections, etc.. yes it a violation of the law to do what they are doing. don't take my word for it, read the law,

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duplicate post - Please use original post, do not repost exact same topics. - DN


This ordinance says it does not effect rights under the MMMAct, that it was for facilities that will do business as a cultivator, dispensary, etc.


It does not effect what you do in your home.


"It is not the intent of this Chapter to prohibit any use or activity guaranteed protection by the

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, but to enact regulations which address the possible adverse

secondary effects of facilities used for the cultivation, sale or dispensation of medical marihuana;

to ensure that such facilities are not covertly used for unlawful purposes not authorized by the

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.."



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