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How Do You Choose A Patient?


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I am thinking about becoming a caregiver but I have some concerns.


I can easily put another 10-12 plants into the grow system I have now for my personal plants. I'm already using the space and the electricity so it seems like a no-brainer to fill up my space.


My biggest issue is choosing a patient. I use cannabis primarily to treat depression and anxiety, but also need some fairly strong pain-relief. What I would like to find is a patient with the same needs as me, so that the medicines I grow for myself would also be the meds needs by my patient. Is this reasonable? I really don't want to grow too many strains, I'd like to keep it to 2 or 3.

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Why not choose a patient that likes the strains you use - that will simplify things.


Choose a patient that may have similar disabilities - you both will know what helps.


Choose a patient that communicates, is honest, and displays good ethics. This will solve many of the other problems.


Know Thy Patient


Hanging out at clubs is a good way to know each other.



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