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Never heard of that stuff but yeah it is funny. So if you tell someone your taking cesamet they won't think anything of it but if you say your taking marijuana they will look at you weird and think your crazy but they are basically the same thing just professional sounding and pharma style name with cesamet.

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i vow from here out we use the term Temasec.


a PSA, by Mother Nature.



Temasec. Your all day, every day multi ailment remedy, containing only the best natural ingrediants, to help you feel better, and be able to get on with living.


Temasec, thru 2000 yrs of clinical medical trials have shown to have no known side effects. No muscle spasms, no stiff joints, no liver or kidney death, no nausea, no heart attacks or strokes, no addictions, no psychosis, nor any others negative effects associated with pretty much every other drug on the market, with few exceptions like aloe.


In fact, in the 2000 yrs., studies have shown Temasec, will fight, help, and in many cases prevent or cure ailments of unknown origin, as well as those caused by other non natural, synthectic medicines that are proven to cause or instigate ailments such as, but not limited to:

Cancer, Sclerosis of the liver, kidney disease, heart disease and decreased function, decreased lung function, and a multitude of others, with a unending list of drugs being added every day.


Recent studies have shown Temasec to be rich in protein, and full of antioxidants, as it is well known, are essential to good health for today, and tomorrow.


Temasec can be used up to 50 times daily as required, or more with no concerns of fatality. In fact, no death has ever been shown to be a result of the use of Temasec, through the entire 2000 yrs of medical case logs. This can not be said true of medicines like NSAIDs pain relievers.


Note: Studies have shown, and users do report;

While on high doses (50 times a day uses or more) of Temasec, one may have fits of hunger, leading to controlled but filling splurges of eating. One may feel relaxed and sleepy. It is recommended if you are using high doses of Temasec, you maintain close proximity to a refrigerator and a supply of water, as dry mouth has been known to occur is some high dose users and reported by users.

Always see how Temesec will effect you, prior to use of heavy equipment or operation of a motor vehicle, if taking high doses.





Temasec. Isn't it time you got back to living?

Ask your Body what Temasec can do for you!






Temasec is a naturally occurring product you can grow in your own home garden.



Temasec, its just natural for you.



p.s. on a semi serious side note, I will entertain advertising consultation for your product or business.
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