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My Second Grow Ever

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Just finished trimming my second grow last night and putting it in the dry racks.


Cut them down on Sunday and trimmed just over half on Monday.

When I was finished I was kind of excited about this harvest since it was a new strain for me and a whole new system. As a result I got ahold of a patient (I'm just a caregiver) to see if they would be interested in an early sample. Needless to say they came right over.


I gave them a sample of what had been put in the rack from the day before and asked them to give me some feedback ASAP.


Well here is the feedback I got


Smokes really good, can't wait until its cured. It was surprisingly smooth

Way better than my first grow (purple kush, white widow,sour diesel) and it tastes great too.


What I did different this time? New strain (agent orange )

went bubble buckets in 5 gal buckets (first tine was ebb and grow in 2.5 gallon buckets)

Same nutes (ionic ) but added nitrozime this time.

1 week flush with one of the flushes having clear x added.


My next harvest should be in a few weeks. Changes in that is minimal. Change the Res more often and 3 strains(og kush, Avesta orange, and chocolope)


Harvest after that Lucas method with gh nutes (which I'm really excited about)




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