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Green Crack Results Are In.

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Like to get my n/l tlb tested as she's a old school 70's clone only girl and flat evil. Should have a few clones of her for the market next sunday so she'll be passed to a couple folks anyways. Tis not the n/l#5 as I ran that for a few sets but nobody liked the flavor. This n/l is super strong skunky smelling and when ya crack the jar the folks across the street will be bitchen...

Was a gift from a friend out west so would like to get some numbers back to him and the rest of the group..

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Thank you folks!! Im so glad my meds are able to bring relief to those that need it. I was a little surprised to come back from Canada today and find the results in my mailbox before they were on Herbal Elements website. I thought i gave the ok to put them on the site. It was probably because of it being a Holiday week tho. And Rich was a busy busy man last weekend!! Either way, im glad everyone is enjoying it! I will see you all back in Jackson December 17th. Thanks again!!! Medcnman.

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