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Uploading Pics


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add these 2 tags to the beginning and end of the pic link.


[ img] at the front of link and

[ /img] at the rear of the link

this code will now show the pic in this thread, opposed to just a link we have to click on to go see the thread.

Do I have to type that in and include brackets or is there an option to add?

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there is a "add image" icon in your text editor when you post. its the second icon over from the smiley face icon, click it and paste the pic link in the window and your pick will appear in your post.

Ok. Firin the PC back up. I will try again. If no luck, im calling timmah! Thanks all, Medcnman.

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the spaces were ok, i missed the rear bracket on the /img post in the other thread...

ive not tried the post img, but idealy when your in a gallery, and you click the show image link to the right of the pic in galler, it s hould copy the code automatically, and when you paste it, the img code sould be properly indexed on the link....



i ll have to have Bill look at the gallery, the show image link Should be pulling the code for the pic when its copied out of the gallery....

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Sorry I took up so much room figuring this out but I think I got it. Thank you Timmahh and Q-Tipper!!

This is my Ed Rosenthals "Superbud". It is growing buds out of the leaves in week 4. It has 5 weeks left!! I have grown this in soil and have never seen this happen. This is my first run of it in hydro and its impressing the heck out of me! Has anyone else had this happen or is it strain specific? The Trichomes are covering the leaves and stems already! i cant wait for day 65!! thanks for the help! Medcnman.

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