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Medical Marijuana Advocate: A Hundred 'weed Warriors' Could Campaign To Recall Attorney General Bill Schuette


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LANSING — Richard C. Clement Sr. aims to enlist “100 weed warriors” ready to march to gather signatures to call a recall election against Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.


And the 54-year-old medical marijuana advocate and member of Michigan NORML vows he'll gain even more voter support through Twitter, Facebook and online petitions.


“We’re all tired of Schuette,” he said. “Bill Schuette must go.”


Clement has disagreed with Schuette’s crackdown on medical marijuana. After three tries, the Midland County Election Commission OK’d recall petition language in September. The Republican attorney general lives in Midland.


Schuette spokesman John B. Sellek said the attorney general will continue enforcement of the medical marijuana law, educate local officials about its status to enforce public safety and carry out the duties of his office while the recall attempt ensues.


“He has the same view on it that he’s always had on it,” Sellek said. “That the voters elected him to do a job, and he goes to work every day to get that done.”


9974147-small.jpgFile | The Saginaw NewsRichard C. Clement Sr.With the clock ticking, Clement said he aims to collect the 807,000 signatures needed between Dec. 7 and March 7. The number represents 25 percent of the ballots cast in the 2010 gubernatorial election.They have 180 days to collect the signatures. No signature may be more than 90 days old.


“My recall is going slow, but my goal is to saturate the market, saturate the area, saturate locations in Michigan, because we want a million signatures in 90 days,” Clement said.


His army today is “just patients and caregivers” but he has larger ambitions. “Maybe try to entice some of the unions and probably get some environmentalists involved,” he said.


Clement vowed not to give up should this attempt fail.


“I don’t know about 2014,” when Schuette’s four-year term ends, he said. “We’ll just have to keep doing recalls until we get him."


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