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Soil Ph Readings?

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Who here checks the PH of their soil?

Should I be checking the PH of my soil?

Could a poor PH in my soil be the problem?


I’m currently running plants in 5 gal pots of Promix and I’ve quietly suffered through my share of struggles as a noob. Now I can go no further without seeking help because I’m clearly missing something and I have no one I can turn to for guidance.


In my studies I have started to ponder the PH of the soil or media. I purchased a Rapitest PH Meter probe with the digital display for sticking the soil only. I already have an Oakton PH Meter for runoff and nutrients.


Promix always reads a PH of 7. Why? I need the PH of the soil to be low 6’s correct?


Only way I can obtain a better PH reading is to water and feed with a PH in the low 5’s. Only then can I get a better PH reading in the low 6’s per the Rapitest probe. Also note that runoff tested with my Oakton was in acceptable readings in the low 5’s.


Within 12 to 18 hours the Rapitest reads a PH of 7 again! WHAT THE???


Currently I would like help in understanding the PH of my soil. Not only am I searching for my own answers to a problem but I’m also starting to wonder if I should try a different soil or mix.


BTW; what got me barking up the “PH Tree” is a constant problem with yellowing and fall off about half way through flower. It happens hard and fast leaving the girls naked through the last few weeks. It’s happened with every crop and I’ve been told that some yellowing is normal. Really? Not like this? Not when I see images of plants in harvest that are still full, lush, and green.


Again, looking to understand the PH of soil as it relates to the health of my plants, what other soil options I could consider along with why, and maybe a little better understanding of how to truly love my girls.





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I have noticed that sativas leaves always yellow 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through flowering, but the new growth always is very green and healthy. I always go by the new growth appearance when assessing the health of plants.


Growing in organic nutrified soil and using Liquid Karma and Great White has eliminated all soil pH problems for me.

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7 different strains same problem as yours. Using Promix + worm castings. All seed run, no clones except 3 newbies I got from my buddy( chocolope purple god bud and a lemon skunk).

My seedlings were 1 month older than his cuttings were yet his cuts were larger more lush and more vigorous than my seeds WTF?. Seeds in 6 in pot of pro mix cuts were in 2 in pots of Humboldt planting mix. Transplanted to 3 gals in the Humboldt mix, started feeding with Medi One. The plants have freaking exploded since the trans.

Never going to use another soil again.

I was messin with PH too what a P.I.T.A ( pain in the butt). Three weeks later no more yellowing leaves, purple petioles nada. Just soft lush growth.

I also incorporated a H2o2 misting. They seem to enjoy it.

Try it out you won't be disappointed.

My 2¢

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