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I Need Help..


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I have..

Crohns Disease


Suffered a Stroke 2 summers ago


Rheumatoid arthritis (wrists and hips)

Iron deficiency

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Muscle spasms


My name is James.. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease 9 years ago.. iam now 26 iam a caucasian male.. Iam honist and respectful.. I live West of Kalamazoo in Mattawan.. I dont have a working vehicle as of right now but i should soon.. my family is willing to help me out when needed.. my symtoms have been flared up for 6 or so months straight and I need HELP.. when i was basicly living at the Western Michigan Cancer Center they had me going through a medication rollor coaster and ive had many alergic reactions and horible side affects.. ive promised myself i wouldent go down that road again.. I used a medical grade cannibis for the first time to treat my symtoms a few days ago and that small gram was like gift from God.. it helped so much with my inflamation due to my CD.. the pain the nausia its gone when I smoke.. its helping me sleep.. there are no words that decribe how much it helps me get through the day.. its wonderful.. I am unable to work right now due to my symtoms..So I don't have much money right now I've had to sell a few things that I didn't want to just to make a apt and pay state fees and such.. I will have some money periodicly and do want to hold up my end of the agreement.. hopefully I will be working soon but I need to shake the pain of everyday living first..

I'm looking for a EXPERIENCED PASSIONATE Caregiver id prefer a high CBD low THC strain but would like to try other options as well.. I don't mind smoking but somtimes its hard due to certain circumstances so a caregiver with edibles and oils and other forms would be great but mostly....... I just want someone I can Trust and who wants to help me.. I've lived in pain long enough and now that I know medical cannibis can help me get my disease under control I'm ready to do what it takes.. I'm down to my last few hits of the gram I bought and I cannot really afford to buy more I hope I can find a good caregiver through this site.. thanks for any information.. God bless.. -James


also im new to this site so any pointers would be great thanks again..

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Thanks DN and Ez.. ive been talking to a few good caregivers but they all seem to be pretty far north of me or over on the eastside of the state.. everyone ive talked so far in my area are just way out of my price range (street) and i just cant manage that.. im hopeing to find someone soon i will let you know if i can find help Ez.. tahnks again guys..

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